Jaume Plensa at Fubon Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Jaume Plensa, The House of Light and Love, 2024. Fubon Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. Courtesy the artist.
Lisbeth Thalberg

Galerie Lelong & Co. has unveiled “The House of Light and Love” (2024), a captivating new sculpture by renowned artist Jaume Plensa, at the newly inaugurated Fubon Art Museum, marking Plensa’s first public sculpture in Taiwan.

Fashioned from painted stainless steel, this impressive structure features a humanoid figure composed of multiple languages, with the Chinese characters for “light” and “love” prominently integrated throughout the design. Plensa’s sculpture serves as a beacon of tolerance and diversity, aptly reflecting the rich, multicultural tapestry of contemporary society. “The House of Light and Love stands as a poetic sanctuary, enshrouding us in a symphony of languages that celebrates our shared humanity,” Plensa commented.

This landmark installation arrives at a pivotal moment for Fubon Art Museum, which aims to distinguish itself as a leading center for modern and contemporary art within Taiwan. Positioned as a bridge to the wider world of art and culture, the museum seeks to ignite the creative spark among the residents of Taiwan as well as international visitors, creating a seamless dialogue between art and life.

In celebration of the museum’s opening and this significant installation, renowned composer Zong Chiang has crafted an original piece of music titled “The House of Light and Love.” Together, Plensa’s sculpture and Chiang’s musical composition underscore the museum’s commitment to fostering an environment where art and cultural expressions thrive, enhancing the cultural landscape of Taiwan and beyond.

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