jill sigman/thinkdance Celebrates 25 Years With Premiere of “Re-Seeding” at Gibney

jill sigman/thinkdance. Photo by Claudia Lucacel
Lisbeth Thalberg

New York, NY, May 8, 2024 – This June, the Gibney stages will light up with the world premiere of “Re-Seeding (Encounter #3: The Commons)” by the renowned jill sigman/thinkdance, marking a significant milestone as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary. Known for its innovative integration of movement, sound, and visuals, jill sigman/thinkdance has long captivated audiences with performances that not only entertain but also provoke thoughtful reflection on critical issues surrounding environmental and social justice.

jill sigman/thinkdance
jill sigman/thinkdance, pictured – Amala’ika Rinyire

With “Re-Seeding,” jill sigman/thinkdance explores the concept of human reintegration with the land—specifically, lands that have experienced the scars of colonization and occupation. The piece poses poignant questions about healing, communal well-being, and the lessons humans might learn from plant life about resilience and positive ecosystem contribution. “Re-Seeding is deeply rooted in my personal connection to New York, acknowledging its history as the traditional homeland of the Munsee Lenape people and reflecting on my own lineage of displacement and trauma,” remarked Jill Sigman, the visionary behind this compelling new work.

The creative process behind “Re-Seeding” has included extensive research, site-specific activations, and collaborations with Indigenous artists and activists, allowing the dancers to deeply connect with the layered histories of the locations they perform in. The result is a thoughtfully composed series of improvisational scores that invite audiences to engage in a ritual of listening, relation-building, and transformation.

The dynamic cast includes dancers Dani “dan” Cole, Donna Costello, zavé martohardjono, J’nae Simmons, and Stacy Lynn Smith, with Sigman herself participating in the piece. Accompanied by a rich soundscape created by Kristin Norderval, Gustavo Aguilar, and Miguel Frasconi, and complemented by live painting with plant pigments by Paula Walters Parker, “Re-Seeding” promises an immersive sensory experience.

jill sigman/thinkdance
jill sigman/thinkdance, photo by Claudia Lucacel

Performances will be held at 7 pm on Friday, June 21, and at 3 pm and 7 pm on Saturday, June 22, followed by discussions with the artists. The celebration continues on Sunday, June 23, at 3 pm with a special 25th anniversary event featuring light refreshments and a chance to reminisce with company memorabilia.

Pre-show events are scheduled for 6 pm on both June 21 and June 22, offering guests the unique opportunity to enjoy wild edible tea and engage in conversations with a diverse panel of scholars, activists, and artists.

Tickets are priced at $20 for all regular performances, with special pricing starting at $30 for Sunday’s performance and anniversary celebration. Bookings are available online through Eventbrite.

The performances will take place at Gibney 280: Studio D on the 2nd floor, located at 280 Broadway (entrance at 53A Chambers Street) in Manhattan. Space is limited and accessibility information can be found on Gibney’s website.

Supported by residency assistance from Gibney and further made possible through the generosity of the New York State Council on the Arts, “Re-Seeding (Encounter #3: The Commons)” is set to be a profound tribute to jill sigman/thinkdance’s 25 years of artistic innovation and social engagement.

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