Julieth Mars Toussaint: Life’s Currents. French May Arts Festival Associated Project

Time, because it is so fleeting, time, because it is beyond recall, is the most precious of human goods.

William Somerset Maugham

JPS Gallery is thrilled to present Life’s Currents, the first exhibition of Paris-based French artist Julieth Mars Toussaint, featuring new works inspired by the artist’s exploration around our everyday contemporary life. In an era of profound change and in the face of an uncertain future for all human beings, Julieth invites the viewers to pay attention to our feelings and life experiences through his use of light, colours, lines, textures and movements in his work by being completely present in the current moment without any distractions.

Julieth Mars Toussaint: Untitled 14. 2021. Acrylic on canvas 116.4 x 89.5cm
Julieth Mars Toussaint: Untitled 14. 2021. Acrylic on canvas 116.4 x 89.5cm

For the artist’s first collaboration with a gallery in Hong Kong, he proposes his body of work with a focus on humankind’s relationship with the current society, and interior scenes of our everyday life. Julieth strives to refine and reinterpret his techniques and palettes by continuing to develop his concept of psychological paintings with expressive brushstrokes and clashing and vibrant colours, unfolding his inner self and emotional states in front of the audience, rather than depicting true to life paintings.

Life’s Currents is a part of associated projects of the French May Arts Festival 2022.

About Julieth Mars Toussaint

Julieth Mars Toussaint’s work is formed by different sources, including social issues, literature, and psychology. Examining social identity and focusing his attention on people and everyday objects, the artist creates his own unique artistic language using bold brushstrokes and strong colours, engaging the viewers in a dynamic contemporary experience. His compositions occupy a space between the figurative and the abstract, where forms are distorted and decomposed.

Born in 1957 in St. Pierre, Martinique, France, Julieth studied at the EPDI (Ecole Professionnelle de Dessin Industriel), specialising in advertising. After graduation, he worked as a designer in the fashion industry and became a professional painter in 1989. He currently works and lives in Paris.

About JPS Gallery

Established in Hong Kong (2014) and in Tokyo (2018), JPS Gallery is an independent contemporary art gallery presenting works of emerging and established artists from around the world. The gallery was founded with a passionate spirit that dedicates to the new digital age and the exploration of fine art and pop culture. We aim to create an innovative environment for a new generation of artists and collectors, fostering a creative space for all. We focus on fun and playful works of the era that span across different medium and disciplines, showcasing a discerning selection of works that embody the aesthetics of today.

We are committed to supporting the culture and art scene both in Hong Kong and Japan, creating a vibrant local art community. The gallery regularly presents works of emerging artists in our gallery spaces in Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as international art fairs, giving them a platform to gain global exposure and supporting young artists to launch their careers. JPS has also been an active contributor to society and the local art scene by sponsoring various charity events and auctions.

About French May

Established in 1993, French May is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. With more than 150 programs presented across two months, it has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene that reaches over 1 million visitors each year. For 29 years, French May has been both truly international and distinctly local and wishes to contribute to the unique appeal of Asia’s World City.

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Julieth Mars Toussaint: Untitled 18 2011. Acrylic on canvas 92 x 73cm
Julieth Mars Toussaint: Untitled 18 2011. Acrylic on canvas 92 x 73cm
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