“Mickey Mouse Now and Future” Seoul Art Centre

Mickey Mouse Now and Future
Art Martin Cid Magazine
Art Martin Cid Magazine

NANZUKA is pleased to announce the exhibition “Mickey Mouse Now and Future” curated by NANZUKA is traveling to Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center, presented at the main section of the exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney.
The section has been curated under the theme of “Fan Meetups” by artists from all over the world who love Mickey Mouse as an art collaboration project that shows the present and future of “Mickey Mouse.”


– Keiichi Tanaami

– Hajime Sorayama

– Haroshi

– Tetsuya Nakamura

– Javier Calleja

– Oliver Payne

– James Jarvis

– Yoshirotten 

– Yoon Hyup 

– Darren Romanelli 

– Stickeymonger 

– Roby Dwi Antono

– Jang Koal 

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