NANZUKA / Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 Booth #C6

Nanzuka proposes a group exhibition “Bipolar” for the Galleries sector of Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. 

This exhibition presents a metaphysical correlation between two opposing aspects (bipolar) of human beings in current society: our desire to control the unforeseeable future and attain a sense of reassurance in a world that is surging with new morals and ideas generated in correspondence with progressive developments of technology, radical politics, changes in public security, and increasing diversification; and our complex mixture of contradictory emotions, which draws us to this mysterious thing we call art. 

The layout of the booth visualizes this bipolarity in the form of a geometric maze, and although the spaces are divided by walls and doors, it is structured so that visitors can traverse between the two by walking through these doorways.  

Presented in one space are the works of legendary Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami who continues to communicate his childhood memories of World War II with a pop and psychedelic vision, Harumi Yamaguchi who became a representative artist of the women’s liberation movement in Japan in the 1970s, Hiroh Kikai who captured the lives and humanity of the people who served as his subjects, Haroshi who uses his self-taught woodworking skills to create sculptures out of used skateboard decks, as well as Marion Peck’s surreal and kitschy paintings depicted through her distinct feminine perspective. 

The other space features the works of Hiroki Tsukuda who figuratively expresses his interest in science fiction and parallel worlds, Hajime Sorayama, known for his SEXY ROBOT which combines science fiction with the theme of sacredness and sex, and Masato Mori who pursues purity and innocence that are both fundamental themes in art. Furthermore, the showcasing includes Jonathan Chapline who reinterprets classic paintings through 3D rendering. 

In addition, the doors (works) connecting the bipolar spaces are respectively created by Tetsuya Nakamura who produces works with the themes of “speed” and “remodeling,” and Ryuichi Ohira who produces “indefinable” sculptures based on the primordial human impulses of innocence and creativity.   

The Kabinett section features Keiichi Tanaami very early silk screen works from the late 1960s, which won an anti-war poster competition organized by the American art magazine Avant Arte, that also includes collage and video work from 1970s.

The selection of artists includes,

– Keiichi Tanaami

– Harumi Yamaguchi

– Hajime Sorayama

– Hiroh Kikai

– Haroshi

– Tetsuya Nakamura

– Masato Mori

– Hiroki Tsukuda

– Makoto Taniguchi

– Ryuichi Ohira

– Javier Calleja

– Javier Calleja x LLADRO

– Marion Peck

– Jean Jullien

– Jonathan Chapline

– FriendsWithYou

– Roby Dwi Antono

– Stickymonger

– Wahab Saheed

– Hebru Brantley

– Jompet Kuswidananto 

– Jang Koal

– Raymond Lemstra

– Oliver Payne

– Julio Anaya Cabanding

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