Frieze Seoul 2023: Not see the forest for the trees (나무를 보고 숲을 보지 못한다) – Nanzuka

Not see the forest for the trees (나무를 보고 숲을 보지 못한다)
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“Not see the forest for the trees” is a proverb that describes the inability to understand or appreciate the larger situation due to being too preoccupied with the small things, and has long been regarded as a warning against short-sighted ways of thinking.

At the beginning of the 21st century, many of us anticipated a bright future where we could leave behind the negative historical legacies of the 20th century such as the turmoil (two world wars etc.) following the civic revolutions that overthrew the feudal system. However, we are still witnessing the reality of a world situation with increasing tendencies towards instability due to a society where conflicting ideas and justice, and greed take precedence.

The theme of this exhibition is to take a commanding perspective of the chaotic present where the gap between utopia and dystopia has disappeared, as well as the past leading up to it. Centering on photographs by Hiroh Kikai which can be regarded as a fixed-point observation of the end of the 20th century, we bring together works by artists from a wide range of generations that while symbolizing aspects such as war, science fiction, and pop culture, pursue their own aesthetics and philosophies.

The selection of artists includes,

– Keiichi Tanaami

– Hiroh Kikai

– Harumi Yamaguchi

– Hajime Sorayama

– Daniel Arsham x Hajime Sorayama

– Haroshi

– Masato Mori

– Hiroki Tsukuda

– Makoto Taniguchi

– Hiroko Yamaji

– Javier Calleja

– Kenny Scharf

– Jean Jullien

– Jonathan Chapline

– FriendsWithYou

– Julio Anaya Cabanding

– Gary Card

– Jang Koal

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