NANZUKA / Hiroki Tsukuda “4021” NANZUKA 2G (Shibuya Parco 2F), 3110NZ by LDH Kitchen

Hiroki Tsukuda 4021
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NANZUKA is pleased to present 4021, an exhibition of new works by artist Hiroki Tsukuda at NANZUKA 2G and 3110NZ.

Hiroki Tsukuda was born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1978, and since graduating from the Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Musashino Art University has continued to base his practice in Tokyo. In recent years holding solo exhibitions such as “Monolog in the Doom” at The Museum of Modern Art Gunma in 2019, and “They Live” (Petzel) in March last year in New York before the city’s lockdown, Tsukuda continues to work energetically as if absorbing the sheer dynamism and energy of the earth in these turbulent times.

As an important factor in understanding Tsukuda’s work, it is essential to discuss the influence of science fiction movies, video games, animations, manga, music, and novels that Tsukuda has familiarized himself with since childhood. In Tsukuda work, which he refers to as the “outer world,” it is possible to observe a certain discrepancy, or the threshold of divergence between the future that Tsukuda has believed in since his childhood days and the reality of actually living in that future. The near-futuristic vision conveyed through Tsukuda’s work could perhaps be described as a manifestation of another “reality” that is conceived through the complex amalgam of the imagery that the artist currently encounters and perceives in the world in its present progressive form, and the information that he has documented and remembered over the course of his life thus far.

This exhibition takes place concurrently in two venues. The showcasing at NANZUKA 2G includes a series of three-dimensional collage works made by disassembling and reconstructing afresh various small figures such as those from Star Wars and Monster Hunter that Tsukuda has collected for many years, as well as sculptural works skillfully created by using found objects and plastic model parts. The mask that is featured on this occasion is the actual work used by fashion brand FORSOMEONE as part of their look for the Tokyo collection, which took place on March 19th this year. 3110NZ will exhibit new mixed media paintings incorporating ink, silkscreen, and acrylic, which Tsukuda has continued to develop throughout his practice while exploring and fostering his own original techniques.

In correspondence to this exhibition, MEDICOM TOY will release Hiroki Tsukuda’s first ever BE@RBRICK, and P-ROOM THE WORLD will release a limited number of customized military wear products. Detailed information will be announced later on 2G’s official Instagram, 2G_TOKYO (@2gtokyo).> Hiroki Tsukuda> Exhibition

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