“The Flooded Garden”: A Voyage into Collaborative Artistry at the Tate Modern

This summer, immerse yourself in a sea of art and creativity as Tate Modern and UNIQLO unveil their latest collaborative installation, “The Flooded Garden”. International artist Oscar Murillo invites visitors of all ages to partake in an expansive, collaborative art project that promises a unique artistic experience.

Oscar Murillo
Photo by Tim Bowditch, courtesy the artist. Copyright © Oscar Murillo.

Inspired by Claude Monet’s iconic Water Lilies, this interactive installation allows you to join forces with other art enthusiasts, painting a sea of water and waves over gigantic canvases. Your individual brushstrokes, along with those of others, will join together to form a massive, evolving piece of art in the Turbine Hall.

The installation offers a mesmerising journey through a curved structure, lined with towering walls of canvas featuring messages and art from global visitors. As you add layer upon layer of wave-like brushstrokes, you become part of a collective, living work of art, painting in captivating hues of deep blues, yellows and pinks.

The exhibition will also feature a special showcase of Murillo’s personal works in the South Tank. Visitors will have the chance to see the evolution of his “Surge” series, focusing on themes of social blindness and the inability to fully comprehend one another. This comparison between physical and social blindness forms the basis of Murillo’s concept of “social cataracts” – a powerful metaphor for our times. Advocating for empathy and understanding, Murillo’s art creates a dialogue about our collective experience.

Throughout the year, UNIQLO Tate Play brings art and creativity to life, offering an array of free, participatory art activities for families visiting Tate Modern. Created with the ethos that art and play should be accessible to everyone, this initiative has so far reached over 400,000 participants.

With the success of UNIQLO Tate Play, UNIQLO has pledged to continue its support of the programme until 2029, promising many more years of artistic exploration and fun. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible artistic journey – dive into “The Flooded Garden” from 20th July to 26th August 2024.

Oscar Murillo
Photo by Tim Bowditch and Reinis Lismanis, courtesy the artist. Copyright © Oscar Murillo.
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