“Undulations”: An Ode to Infinity by Merete Rasmussen – Pangolin, London

Immerse yourself in the world of the beguiling “Undulations,” the latest exhibition from Danish artist Merete Rasmussen, showcased at Pangolin, London from 14th June to 20th July. The exhibition stands as an exposition of Rasmussen’s remarkable skill in creating intricately handcrafted ceramic sculptures that seem to burst into colourful life, hinged on the concept of infinity and interconnectedness.

The undulating forms of Rasmussen’s creations are symbols of harmonious connections, blending the forces of expansion and contraction into a single entity. These sculptures elicit a sense of curiosity, inviting viewers to explore them from various perspectives to fully grasp their structure and conceptual framework.

“Undulations” is a landmark in the artist’s nine-year collaboration with Pangolin Editions foundry. This exhibition will spotlight four captivating new bronze works, alongside a range of small yet dazzling jewellery pieces, cast in sterling silver. Rasmussen’s new works make a bold departure from her previous style, drawing heavily from patterns in nature, mathematical surfaces, and the concept of negative space.

Take an artistic journey through her work, from the intricately folded forms echoing seaweed patterns to the pleats taken from leaf morphology – revolute, involute, and plicate. Rasmussen’s fourth solo exhibition at Pangolin London exemplifies her engagement with the natural world, mirrored exquisitely in her sculptures.

The appeal of “Undulations” lies in its challenge to the observer’s quest for human significance in forms and shapes. Expanding on an already impressive body of work, this exhibition promises to delight viewers, encouraging introspection and sparking surprise.

Rasmussen’s work has been widely exhibited and esteemed enough to feature in various public collections, including the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh, amongst others. Pangolin London has the honour to represent the artist on her home turf, the UK.

Merete Rasmussen
Merete Rasmussen
Ceramic with coloured slip
35 x 33 x 29 cm
Photos: Steve Russell Studios
Lisbeth Thalberg
Lisbeth Thalberghttp://lisbeththalberg.wordpress.com
Journalist and artist (photographer). Editor of the art section at MCM.
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