Vunkwan Tam: F. Empty Gallery. Hong Kong

Vunkwan Tam, Untitled (The traffic noise arched over a bubbling mass of public conversation and pattering footsteps on concrete), detail, 2021
Martin Cid Magazine
Martin Cid Magazine

Empty Gallery is pleased to present F, Hong Kong-based artist Vunkwan Tam’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Tam’s practice operates akin to a sort of found poetry or cento, assembling groupings of readymade objects and linguistic fragments— often encountered online— into reduced spatial narratives. Site-sensitive and semi-improvised, these fugitive arrangements repurpose the deracinated stuff of semiocapitalism in order to perform an archaeology of communal affect— a type of emotional excavation of the present.

Appropriating its title from a popular form of chatroom response in which the titular letter is used as shorthand to express condolences for an accident, failure, or tragedy, F engages with the city’s contemporary moment as a form of cipher— traversing a spectrum of lived ambivalence and illuminating the potential artistic use-value of such minor affects as exhaustion, resignation and disillusionment.

Empty Gallery

18th & 19th Floor Grand Marine Center
3 Yue Fung Street, Tin Wan, Hong Kong

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 7pm

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