“Alive and Well Enough” by Jeff Daniels Debuts September 7 on Audible

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Alive and Well Enough from esteemed Emmy Award-winning actor Jeff Daniels will be available on Audible. This 12-episode Audible Original is an audio-only memoir which mixes storytelling, original music and performance. All episodes of the first season will release on September 7th exclusively on Audible. A second season of the podcast will follow.

Emmy Award-winning actor Jeff Daniels brings his iconic career to life in Alive and Well Enough, a captivating audio-only adventure produced with his son, Ben. In this musical memoir, Daniels charms listeners with his alluring voice and intimate, emotional retelling of his star turns in movies ranging from Terms of Endearment to Dumb and Dumber, his songs and plays written straight from his midwestern soul, and the hopes and dreams that led him from a small town to a career as one of America’s best-loved actors.

Alive and Well Enough is uniquely structured to take listeners on a delightful and imaginative adventure, flashing forward and backward in time with calculated abandon, reviving some of his most memorable characters, all while stitching together Daniels’ own life story.

In Alive and Well Enough, Jeff Daniels, whose body of work spans genres and generations, returns to what he knows best: his stories, songs, and guitar.

Rachel Ghiazza, Chief Content Officer at Audible, said: “At Audible, we have a focus on inventive audio storytelling that takes standard genres and turns them on their head. Alive and Well Enough is like nothing you’ve heard before. It’s memoir, music, and performance all masterfully combined by Daniels, whose ability to deliver both drama and humor is unmatched. It’s sure to become as iconic and loved as his most famous roles.”

“Audible is the only place where I get to do everything I do,” said Jeff Daniels. “Alive and Well Enough is an audio adventure of an accidental artist who one day looked up and realized he had a sense of humor, a passion for writing and stories to tell.”

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