L.A. Graffiti Black Book

In 2012, I was asked by art collector Ed Sweeney to participate as an artist & also as one of several curators to help put together this very special book that he was gifting to the Getty Research Institute. At the end, 151 artists submitted original drawings that were leather bound together and the “L.A. Liber Amicorum”
(L.A. Book of Friends) was created.

Now, 9 years later, the Getty has published the book in it’s entirety and making it available for purchase to the public! My online gallery store (CrewestShop.com) is one of very few official retailers of this historic book.

Click on any image below to view more details and purchase the book.

*If you would like for me to sign your copy, just send a note with your purchase and I’ll be happy to tag it up for you.

My page in the book “Pencil Me In”
My page in the book “Pencil Me In”

When I was a kid I spent hours with markers and colors in my black books….

For this project I wanted to keep it authentic to the way I sketch in black books nowadays, which is always in pencil or graphite in black and white.

The book is laid out in alphabetical order.
My spread is shared with an LA OG artist MARK 7

Some great colorful spreads like these by artist friends: VERSUS & VOX

It wouldn’t be legit without the our legendary LA Godfather:

So many styles from tags to characters like: RETNA + REV

L..A. Graffiti Black Book
David Brafman / author
Getty Research Institute

176 pages, 10 x 8 inches, hardcover 168 color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-60606-698-0
US $35.00

Buy it Here

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