The Merchant’s Curse, by Antony Barone Kolenc

In his latest installment in the award-winning Harwood Mysteries teen fiction series, Antony Barone Kolenc’s hero, Xan, is in another race against time to solve a life-and-death mystery.

The Merchant’s Curse, set in 12th century England, follows Xan from Harwood Abbey to Lincoln, where he becomes a merchant’s apprentice to his uncle. But all is not well, as Xan’s uncle’s business partner appears to be cursed by a witch. He must work to solve the mystery to help save the man’s life, while also avoiding capture as a suspected traitor to the king.

“Parents and teachers often struggle to find works of fiction for children that incorporate inspirational, Christian themes and morals that children will be interested in,” stated Kolenc. “In this series I have strived to provide exciting and sometimes spooky stories that captivate youth and educate them about this historical period.”

Readers follow Xan’s struggles to not only find out who he is, but to help the people around him. “Xan is a role model for children, showing them how to be conscious of God’s work in their lives in all kinds of situations,” Kolenc explains.

The plot twists and turns in The Merchant’s Curse include some scary elements, but like all four books in the Harwood Mysteries series, the focus is on captivating the reader through mystery and not violence. The publisher also provides many useful activities and lesson plans for parents, homeschools, and classrooms that help reinforce the messages in the books.

About the Author

Antony Barone Kolenc retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps after 21 years of military service. He is a law professor who teaches courses on constitutional and military law and has been published in numerous journals and magazines, and he speaks at legal, writing, and home education events.

About Loyola Press

An apostolate of the USA Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus, Loyola Press embraces the Jesuit passion for helping people find God in all things. We continue the Jesuit tradition of excellence and service by providing inspiring content for children and adults and by being people for others.

The Merchant’s Curse

Antony Barone Kolenc

October 17, 2022

Loyola Press | $19.99 | Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8294-5427-7

SOURCE Loyola Press

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