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Falling Angel, by William Hjortsberg
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William Hjortsberg was an acclaimed American author and screenwriter who has been writing for over fifty years. He has written a wide range of creative works, from novels to screenplays to poetry, and his work has garnered him numerous awards and accolades.

Hjortsberg’s best-known novel, Falling Angel, was adapted into the cult classic film Angel Heart in 1987. The book blends horror, fantasy and noir elements to tell a gripping story about private eye Harry Angel’s investigation into a missing person case. It’s an impressive blend of genres that has cemented Hjortsberg’s legacy as one of the most unique and versatile authors of the twentieth century.

As well as Falling Angel, two more of Hjortsberg’s books have been made into movies: the political thriller Gray Matters (1993) and Legend (1985), which stars Tom Cruise as Jack O’The Green in a medieval fantasy world. Many other adaptations from his work have been planned over the years but never completed.

Hjortsberg has also written for the stage; his play Notre Dame de la Salette opened at La MaMa Theater in New York City in 2015. His poetry collections include Bright Fallen Order (1974) and Heaven Lake (2003). He also wrote two short stories collections: Grey Matters & Other Stories (1980) and Sparks Fly Upward (2010).

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