My Salinger Year (2020)
My Salinger Year (2020)

My Salinger Year (2020). Sigourney Weaver Movie

My Salinger Year is a 2020 Canadian movie starring Sigourney Weaver (Alien) and Margaret Qualley.

My Salinger Year Plot

In the small NYC literary world of the 1990s, aspiring poet Joanna (Margaret Qualley) works as an assistant to literary agent Margaret (Sigourney Weaver). Joanna’s job is to answer the fan mail of cult author J.D. Salinger, the pride of the agency. (Filmaffinity)

My Salinger Year (2020). Sigourney Weaver
My Salinger Year (2020). Sigourney Weaver


“Falardeau’s film adds a curious chapter to Salinger’s mythology (…) But “My Salinger Year” often trips on the self-serious nature of its premise, and struggles with an antiquated quality out of sync with its timeline” Eric Kohn: IndieWire

“Muted almost to the point of effacement, this limp adaptation (…) only affirms that what might work on the page doesn’t always pop on the screen.” Jeannette Catsoulis: The New York Times 

“An air of possibility permeates ‘My Salinger Year’ (…) The wide-eyed pull of this sensation is so powerful (…) that you can’t help but ease into the story’s allure at once (…) Rating: ??½ (out of 4)” Tomris Laffly: 

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My Salinger Year (2020)

Movie title: My Salinger Year

Date published: January 27, 2022

Director(s): Philippe Falardeau


A movie made for melancholy.


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