Late Night with the Devil (2024) Movie Review: A Nightmarish ’70s Late Show

It delivers an honest and unique horror movie by virtue of its format and concept.

Late Night with the Devil
Martin Cid

Late Night with the Devil is a horror movie directed by Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes. It stars David Dastmalchian and Laura Gordon.

Straight from Australia comes this original film, shot on a shoestring budget, yet through creativity, it manages to yield impressive results. It may not be the movie of your lifetime, but it executes well with the limited resources at its disposal.


Unusual events occur during a Halloween night talk show, leaving viewers baffled.

About the Movie

Intriguing, to just the right extent. This film lasts the same duration as a late-night show, and during the commercial breaks, it reveals what happens behind the scenes, beyond the televised spectacle.

“Late Night with the Devil” is an original horror movie in which David Dastmalchian guides us through this spectacle that, outwardly, is an outright comedy. It’s amusing in terms of its time-loop element and evokes memories of those inaugural late shows whose formats were so successful they continue to this day.

About the movie: it has an original concept, which is more than we can say about almost any other film. This alone makes it worth a watch. Yes, other movies with this format have been made (I recall one starring George Clooney about selling stocks), but never before applied to the horror genre.

Horror? It won’t be the film that leaves you gripping your seat, but it adeptly blends commonplace settings like the media frenzy over the Amytville crime with exorcisms and other supernatural elements of the era. It’s more interesting in this regard than as a typical horror flick, where it certainly doesn’t aim to behave like a classic shriek-and-shock movie.

Our Opinion

The film surprises more with its idea than its execution. It manages to maintain its original perspective and its footing as a film that is almost TV-like: without setting out to be much, it delivers an honest and unique horror movie by virtue of its format and concept.

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