Wire Room (2022) – The latest thriller with Bruce Willis – Review

Wire Room is a thriller directed by Matt Eskandari, starring Kevin Dillon and Bruce Willis.

With a hint of old-school action movie, it reminds us of the now passé films that we enjoyed back in the 80’s and 90’s.


From the so called wire room, a federal agent listens in on how his target, Eddie Flynn, a dangerous arms dealer is being attacked.

Wire Room (2022)


Wire Room has an old-school-action-film feel to it. We know that Willis’ latest films have been somewhat bland, and that none of them have been grand. However, being the icon he is, Wire Room, in a way comes across as an homage (not an optimal one, sadly) to all those actions movies from times past – when video rental was the thing, and the movies entertained us time and again, with loads of action scenes, and canny one-liners.

Wire Room differs, though, to the 80’s action movies, as it does not have those cocky jokes and cool retorts, and we can see that our main man is obviously not in the same tip-top shape he was in in Die Hard.

We can’t really point anything out in this movie that is impressive: the set is not noteworthy, the script is not particularly interesting either, and it seems the production team has not given it its all. We do not have much to say about this movie, other than that we will miss the actor – we understand that he is retiring – and that we still enjoy many of the good movies he has been part of.

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Kevin Dillon / Justin Rosa

Bruce Willis / Shane Mueller

Oliver Trevena / Eddie Flynn

Texas Battle / Sheriff Roberts

Cameron Douglas

Shelby Cobb

Nour Holborow

MWW Michael Wilkerson / Special Operations

Adam Huel Potter / Billy

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