Blood, Sex & Royalty
Blood, Sex & Royalty (2022)

Blood, Sex & Royalty (2022) – Netflix Doc Series – A New Way of Covering Historical Figures

Yes, They Did Have Sex in the 16th Century


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Blood, Sex & Royalty is a Netflix documentary series that showcases the vicissitudes and most shocking stories of the British Royal family in the 16th century. It stars Amy James-Kelly, Max Parker and Adam Astill. The series is written by Francesca Forristal.

In three episodes we will follow Anne Boleyn’s trajectory, in the good times and in the bad. Political and sexual intrigues are aplenty.

A new series that covers the history of the British royal family in the 16th Century. It is a modern docu-drama take on this lineage. The intrigues of the numerous iconic monarchs take center stage.

About the Series

In its novel approach, this doc-series alternates between dramatizations, which are amusing, count on good performances and scenography, and the enthusiastic accounts given by numerous experts who relay the sequences of events past. It includes accounts by historians Professor Tracy Brorman; Dr. Lauren Mackay; Professor Suzannah Lipscomb; Dr. Owen Emmerson; Dr. Muriel C. McClendon; Professor Nandini Das.

It is a very clever way, in fact, of relaying history. It grabs the attention of the audience, using elements such as a contemporary score – rap, electro, techno, ambient – and lively accounts, which make the stories so much more relatable to today’s spectators. The script of the dramatizations has taken to the trending effect of having the lead character address the camera. Once again making us complicit to the protagonists thoughts and contemplation.

Episode List

Boleyn For The Win

In the 16th Century women could choose between being a wife, a nun or a spinster. Anne Boleyn would challenge the norms, although this would not prove to be an easy endeavor. A young Anne Boleyn, who together with her sister, was sent to Amboise, France to receive an education. It would turn out that “the French Court is [ sic ] a hotbed for licentiousness”. Yet Anne was more cerebral, and that was further encouraged when she befriended Marguerite of Angoulême, sister to King Francis and an intellectual.

Never Let Them See You Cry

Henry VIII seeks a way to out of his marriage, and Anne will introduce him to radical notions, based on the writings of the religious reformer William Tyndale.

Somebody Wants Me Dead

Anne is now betrothed to Henry VIII. They marry, but their matrimony will be rocky. There are political uprisings and tragedies. Anne is ambitious, wanting religious reform, and advances in education, becomes a thorn in Henry’s side.

Release Date

Nov 23, 2022

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Amy James-Kelly / Anne Boleyn

Adam Astill

Max Parker / Henry VIII

Lois Brabin-Platt

Jhon Lumsden

Sophie Boettge

Nikhita Lesler

Callum Coates

Stephen Fewell

Simonas Mozūra / Henry Percy

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Blood, Sex & Royalty (2022)
Blood, Sex & Royalty

Name: Blood, Sex & Royalty

Description: A new series that covers the history of the British royal family. It is a modern dramatic take on this lineage. The intrigues of the numerous iconic monarchs take center stage.

Our Opinion

Thought you had had enough of hearing about the British Royal stories and dramas? Here comes ‘Blood, Sex and Royalty’ to change thy mind. It is novel in its approach alternating between good dramatizations and interesting accounts given by historians. The doc-series is fast paced, with a contemporary soundtrack and score. It will definitely have many entertained while learning about historical figures and the state of affairs of the era.

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