The Asunta Case: Netflix’s Riveting Series on a 2013 Child Murder Mystery

Once again, Netflix dares to push the boundaries, this time taking on the judicial realms of a country to narrate a saga shrouded in ambiguity. Following the scrutiny of Rosa Peral’s case, Netflix now ventures into the “The Asunta Case” series, depicting a harrowing crime previously explored through documentaries on the same platform.

This series merits attention for its unsettling, violent, and shocking narrative, where the tragic death of a young girl takes center stage. Stellar performances by Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa, playing the bereaved parents, amplify the story’s emotional depth.

The Asunta Case
The Asunta Case


On September 21, 2013, the lifeless body of an adopted Chinese girl was discovered, igniting an investigation that pointed towards her adoptive parents, Rosario and Alfonso. This tale, rooted in a notorious crime from Galicia, Spain, continues to stir controversy and intrigue.

Series Insights

What sets “The Asunta Case” apart is its forensic reconstruction of the crime, detailed analysis, and adherence to the voluminous police records and case documentation. The series aims for realism, carefully avoiding dramatization to uphold the credibility of the recounted events.

Script and Performance

The script is tightly woven, accurately reflecting the events and underlining the series’ intent to dissect a brutal murder with surgical precision, devoid of unnecessary drama. Candela Peña delivers an arresting portrayal of Rosario, capturing the character’s chilling detachment as reported by law enforcement. Tristán Ulloa provides a subdued yet potent performance, complemented by Carlos Blanco and María León, who excel in their roles as detectives, showcasing versatility and professionalism.

The Asunta Case
The Asunta Case

Controversy and Conclusions

“The Asunta Case” dives into a well-publicized murder case, where Rosario Porto’s death in prison adds layers to the narrative, while Alfonso maintains his innocence. Netflix and the creators present a clear version of events, grounded in evidence, presenting a definitive recount of the tragedy, based on rigorously reconstructed scenes.

Our Take

More than just the recounting of a gruesome tale, “The Asunta Case” stands out for its cold, merciless approach to storytelling. Through meticulous forensic investigation, it explores the murky details of a case that captivated media attention, now set to reach a global audience through Netflix. The series’ depiction of the events offers a stark, unflinching look at a case that remains as unsettling as it is captivating.

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El Caso Asunta | Tráiler Oficial (SUBTITULADO) | Netflix España
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