Nümi Tribe
Nümi Tribe

‘Nümi Tribe’, a streaming platform where Nümi’s VTubers create content and interact with fans.

Nümi’s Vtubers Draw Global Eyes To Streaming, Gaming And On-Trend Content

  • Nümi Tribe is a streaming platform where Nümi’s colorful and popular VTubers create content and interact with fans.
  • Since its mid-December launch, Nümi Tribe fans in Southeast Asia and Latin America lead those from others around the globe, including Indonesia, U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, U.K., Canada, and Malaysia.
  • Nümi’s cast of flashy and charismatic virtual influencers, TechV, Divada and Eegee each amassed steadily growing fanbases
  • The VTubers’ streams reach diverse audiences with on-trend content while also having the ability to read and respond to individual messages so fans can enjoy a close community and earn rewards just by signing up and engaging. Early adopters are also available for exclusive rewards and beta access to unreleased Nümi projects.

Nümi is releasing its first Season Pass in Spring 2023, giving fans even more reasons to watch and hunt exclusive bounties before the release of its flagship title, Nümiverse.

Nümi also is expanding on its characters and world in a series of upcoming tie-in content, including a Nümi Manga and a Nümi Visual Novel coming in early 2023.

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