Love: Fiction and Reality
Love: Fiction and Reality

Love: Fiction and Reality

A Life of Film? Better Reality

Love. That feeling that we all want to appear in our lives and give us illusion, trust, protection and so many beautiful things that it carries with it. The love of a couple that lasts a lifetime and makes us wake up with a smile and keep it on our face until nightfall. What would we be without love…

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been many films whose central theme, love, has made us dream of living what we saw on the screen. We have changed our lives for those of the protagonists who, after overcoming difficult circumstances, came to meet the loved one.

The experience of feeling that love of film has led us to be kissed in each and every one of the censored frames of Cinema Paradiso, to travel to other countries and be the governess who dances in the King and me, or even be the king himself. What magic does cinema have to imbue us in such a way and make us feel loved?

Perhaps love is the most beautiful of feelings, the purest and cinema will make it come true for a few moments. Even at the end of the film, we still believe that something like what we just saw can happen to us.

Reality is not like cinema (in some cases it may be) and our lives continue in monotony, making our day to day a loop from which it is impossible for us to leave. Until, willingly or unwittingly, we find a person who makes us feel those butterflies and we know what we were looking for.

It will never be like in the movies. It will never be the music or the stage we thought of. But love will knock on our door and we will open it. Maybe we push life too hard, maybe we hope fiction comes true. We would like to be Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) in the window and George Peppard look at us as he looked at her and, thinking about how we would like her to be, we miss what she’s really being: love.

There will be no heroes who fight for their beloved as in The Princess Bride, nor will they die in icy waters and supplant their personality as in Titanic; but they will be there, at our side and will be a true, real love, that will take us out of the loop in which we remained.

The cinema shows us the most beautiful face of love: the meeting, the looks, the first caresses… but there everything ends and life continues. I think it’s good to get carried away for an hour and a half and become that person on the screen who laughs and cries for love. Hour and a half, the rest is our life, the real one, the everyday one and, if we’ve been lucky and have found the person who will accompany us on our way, let us feel that love, enjoy it and leave fiction aside and return to reality to continue the journey and live what will give light and, because no, also shadows to our walk: love.

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