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Beware of unwanted mobile phone surveillance

Nowadays, it is easy to invade someone’s privacy and monitor their moves. This is also true regarding the installation of spyware apps.

What are spyware apps and what do they do?

Spyware apps are software and applications that are capable of tracking messages, calls. With spyware apps, it’s possible to track a mobile phone’s location, read private messages, and monitor call history.

They also work by voice communication tracking and interception. This can happen when these spyware apps correctly crack into the encryption cipher key.

Unfortunately, it’s become increasingly easier and commonplace for spyware to be installed onto mobile phones.

Due to their mobility and features, mobile phones are generally prone to mobile surveillance. Mobile surveillance isn’t even considered cutting edge technology: often, it’s simple and possible to do it through key mobile phone features, such as microphones, GPS, or cameras.

It’s even possible to do this through network channels. For example, 2G networks aren’t really secure since they don’t use strong encryption, and this leaves them prone to security failures and vulnerabilities.

It’s therefore recommended to disable 2G network connections to avoid being vulnerable to any security breach.

With all the possibilities in security failures and privacy breaches, it can be intimidating to stay on top of them all. However, there are key steps to take to remain safe from hacking.

How to assess if your mobile phone has fallen prey to spyware apps?

With the step up in remote technology, hacking and spying is much more easy to do. Surveillance is no longer dependent on physical proximity; even SIM cards can easily be hacked.

Stay informed and up to date about your mobile phone battery and data usage. The next time you notice strange battery drainage or unfamiliar apps downloaded on your mobile phone, it could be due to a spyware app.

It’s also important to contemplate physical add-ons for mobile phones to add security. These anti-spying gadgets include smartphone cases or security pouches. Such phone cases can be preventative and issue warning signs in case there is any unusual activity.

Given the prevalence of mobile phones, awareness about preventative measures have fortunately increased in recent years.

It’s not necessary to be an expert on this, but it’s definitely vital to take preventative measures, take caution with any suspicious activity, and stay informed.

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