Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer netflix documentary
Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer (2023)

‘Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer’ (2023). Netflix Documentary Series


Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer is a Netflix documentary miniseries written by the protagonist himself regarding an alleged case of doping in the world of elite sports and the efforts made to overcome that stain on his record.

A documentary that tells us the story of the olympic racewalking champion, Alex Schwazer who, accused of doping himself, had to fight against the organizations and charges of drugs consumption that led his career to disaster.

About the Documentary

In 2008, the fight against doping was at its peak, with the Lance Armstrong case still kicking its legs and organizations trying to legislate and draw the fine line between the legal and the illegal.

And, in between, the Beijing Olympics with Alex Schwazer competing for his medal.

What happened, you can find out in this Netflix documentary series that delves into the intricacies of sport and a subject matter that, apparently simple, has many connotations.

A documentary with a first layer story to tell, that of the  racewalking champion Alex Schwazer, and a much deeper story to think about, that of the sports organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

And all with a question in the air: where is the limit?

Release date

April 13, 2023

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Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer (2023)
Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer netflix documentary

Name: Il caso Alex Schwazer: La verità è una lunga marcia

Description: After being suspended for doping, gold medalist Alex Schwazer recruits one of his accusers to help him return in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Country: Italia

Genre: Documentary

Companies: Banijay Italia, Netflix

Author: Alex Schwazer

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