‘A Place to Fight For’ (2023) Release on Disney+ on July 7

A Zone to Defend (2023)
Molly Se-kyung

A Place to Fight For, French movie directed by Romain Cogitore, starring Lyna Khoudri and François Civil.

Greg is a police lieutenant; he must collect informations on eco-activists, infiltrating them for months. Myriam, a young free woman, is fighting to save a forest from the building of a dam. They meet and fall in love on the Zone. A beautiful life, a joy that Greg discovers, despite the risks of being unmasked. For each of them, time is short: soon everything will disappear.

Release Date

July 7, 2023

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The Cast

Lyna Khoudri
Lyna Khoudri
Nathalie Richard
Nathalie Richard
François Civil
François Civil
Félix Bossuet
Félix Bossuet

Nico Rogner
Giacomo Fadda
Oona von Maydell

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