“All-Time High” (2023) | A French Rom-Com on Netflix. Review: A film that, for once, knows how to break away from the conventional side

All-Time High
Alice Lange

All-Time High” is a romantic comedy directed by Julien Hollande starring Nassim Lyes and Zoé Marchal.

“All-Time High” is a comedy that, even though it may seem hard to believe, is extremely funny. It is a comedy that does what all comedies should do: make us laugh.

Yes, both characters are charming.

However, they are imperfect in their own ways.

Cinematically, it may not be a masterpiece, but the script and the situations have so much spark that it convinced us.

Plot of “All-Time High”

He has just lost his millionaire partner, she invests everything she earns in cryptocurrencies… but the two have something in common: they are complete disasters.

And you see, having something in common is usually the first stone to build the great cathedral of love.

Movie Review

Cinematically, it may not be a masterpiece, but “All-Time High” has given us such an entertaining and “out of the ordinary” time in the genre of romantic comedy that we are going to save it. French comedies, if they have anything (and they have a lot) to offer, it is that natural, spontaneous, and sincere side that, it seems, only the French can afford. Venturing into the most nonconformist, daring, and, why not say it, mischievous side seems like a quality of “the French” and it convinces us, again and again, by facing clichés that, from the most commercial cinema, seem to not dare to confront.

A comedy with the best virtue a comedy can have: it is funny and both protagonists are simply fantastic, playing two characters who, for once, are worth being portrayed. Two characters who know how to laugh at themselves in a script that knows how to create the situations and the atmosphere, with a always romantic Paris as the backdrop.

Our Opinion

We had a great time. A comedy that knows how to be a comedy.

Release Date

November 17, 2023

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The Cast

Nassim Lyes
Nassim Lyes
Zoé Marchal
Zoé Marchal
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