Alone Together – Movie Releases July 22

Alone Together is a 2022 romantic drama written and directed by Katie Holmes. Starring Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess and Derek Luke.

A film with a New York flavor, and an intimate touch.


Two strangers are forced to cohabitate during lockdown since they have unwittingly rented the same Airbnb estate in New York.

About the Movie

A film told in a close, calculated, intimate and benevolent way.

Release Date

Friday, July 22, 2022.

Where to Watch Alone Together

In theaters.

The Director and Actress

Katie Holmes. Depostiphotos

Katie Holmes

Kate Noelle Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

Katie Holmes made her acting debut in the movie, The Ice Storm (1997). After that, she rose to fame thanks to her main role in the TV series Dawson’s Creek and she worked in a horror movie with James Madsen. She has roles in the critically acclaimed movies, Pieces of April (2003) y Thank You for Smoking (2005).

We love her in the movie starring Michael Douglas, Wonder Boys (2000).

She starred in The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020) and co-starred in Coda (2019).

And her last movie is Alone Together (2022) a romantic drama released in July. She is the writer and the director of this film.

Yes, she was married to Tom Cruise

Movie Reviews

“A story of bland people doing and saying bland things as the world burns around them”

Jason Bailey: The Playlist 

“‘Alone Together’ has the momentum of a reclamation of sorts, but the plot tries to do too much, say too much, when it really should just be about love” 

Samantha Bergeson: IndieWire 

Cast & Crew

Alone Together (2022)

Movie title: Alone Together

Movie description: Two strangers have no choice but to cohabitate since they have unwittingly rented the same Airbnb estate in New York.

Date published: July 18, 2022

Country: United States

Director(s): Katie Holmes

Actor(s): Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess, Derek Luke, Melissa Leo, Zosia Mamet, Luke Kirby, Becky Ann Baker, Spenser Granese

Genre: Drama, Romance


User Review

3.2 (112 votes)
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