Art of Love (2024) – Netflix Movie: How to Date a Millionaire Robber

Art of Love
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Art of Love is a Turkish film starring Birkan Sokullu and Esra Bilgiç. It is directed by Recai Karagöz.

“Art of Love” is a Turkish comedy that combines robberies and love, all with scenes that, at least, will make us smile.

I warn you: there is nothing to take seriously: it is a conscious film that was born as mere entertainment and the script, which borders on parody, does not seem to make sense.

Entertaining, yes.


A millionaire dedicates himself to stealing works of art and a policewoman who had a relationship with him wants to catch him.

Her plan is as far-fetched and absurd as the story: to seduce him again to trap the thief, all in the midst of romance and art.

To top it all off: a gorgeous hacker is in the middle, so the policewoman and the hacker will start to distrust each other, both attracted to the millionaire.

It’s not going to be very serious, is it?

About the movie

The plot, as you may have guessed, is bordering on the absurd and is incredible to the extreme. Beyond this, the performances are also a bit in this style; with dialogues that, halfway between irony, absurdity, and comedy, also contribute their dose of hilarity to this comedy of robberies and love.

Will it make you laugh? Yes, for sure, although we hope you don’t have to write a review about the movie, because you’ll have a hard time. It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously or the audience, not even bothering to give a little verisimilitude to this story that, most of the time, borders on the absurd (existential or not).

All eyes are on Esra Bilgiç, a very beautiful and talented actress who, however, does not have the script or the movie to showcase her skills. She does well, but with these dialogues there is no way to bring a character to life.

Our opinion

It doesn’t take itself seriously or want to. Are you looking for a good movie with a good script? No, this is not it. Entertainment without having to use your brain for absolutely anything? It may serve you. Enjoy it.

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