Basma: A Bitter Homecoming on Netflix

“Basma” is a Saudi movie starring Fatima AlBanawi. With Yasir AlSasi and Mai Hakeem.

Actor Fatima AlBanawi is the lifeblood of the Netflix movie “Basma”, infusing each scene with her committed performance and the profound complexity of her character – a character which, on surface, seems straightforward but is layered with depth.

“Basma” serves as an intimate exploration of familial relationships, while simultaneously capturing a snapshot of an evolving society and time. The protagonist, a medical student freshly returned from Los Angeles, is our lens into this changing landscape. She navigates through the alterations in her life; Divorced parents, her brother, an old flame – everything has changed.

This film is steeped in nostalgia, saturated with sensitivity, and oscillates between joy and the bitter awareness of time’s relentless march. It offers viewers a peek at Saudi Arabian culture and its people, as well as the shifting times the nation is experiencing.

A father-daughter story is at the core of this film, presenting their strained and complex relationship within a world that struggles to understand why the parents are divorced. As the story unfolds, our protagonist discovers her father is battling an illness everyone remains silent about, drawing her closer to her family, friends, and past.

“Basma” is a movie about understanding the passage of time, transitioning into adulthood, and coming to terms with our mortality – reminding us that, unfortunately, time catches up with all.

Watch this deeply intimate and nostalgic film, tinged with heartfelt emotion, now on Netflix.

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