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Beauty (2022)
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Beauty is a drama film directed by Andrew Dosunmu. Starring Niecy Nash. It is based on the life of Whtney Houston, and it has been written by Lena Waithe.

A sentimental story that without falling into the terrifying and almost grotesque defects of a typical biopic, fails to convince in its cinematographic virtues which, it has.

By the way, the great Sharon Stone appears after overcoming her medical issues.


A singer sees her dreams come true when a record company offers her a big contract. The problem is that this will also lead to big family and artistic challenges.

Our Opinion

It navigates between a serious movie it wants to be, the melodrama it becomes and the biopic it wants to escape from but cannot.

Release Date

Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

Where to Watch Beauty

On Netflix

Other Reviews

‘Beauty’ tries to do a lot with this straightforward story, but struggles in execution. It’s too billowy to be a study of a young woman on the cusp of fame.

Lovia Gyarkye: The Hollywood Reporter 

Though heavily inspired by the life of Whitney Houston, enough that it may well qualify as an unofficial biopic of the massive music star, “Beauty” fails to hit the right notes.

Kristen Lopez: IndieWire

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