“Bionic”: An Intriguing and Exciting Sci-Fi Film on Netflix

“Bionic” is a new Brazilian movie directed by Afonso Poyart starring Jéssica Córes and Bruno Gagliasso.

“Bionic” hails from Brazil, showcasing the continuous advancement of the Brazilian film industry and its ability to deliver captivating stories that now garner international attention through streaming platforms. “Bionic” exemplifies this progress with a modern, fast-paced narrative embedded in a technological backdrop, featuring compelling characters and a plot that engages the audience from start to finish.


Maria, an athlete poised for victory, finds her world turned upside down when bionic prosthetics revolutionize sports. Traditional athletes are rendered obsolete as these enhanced competitors dominate the field, becoming the new stars. Concurrently, a group of robbers seeks a bionic member for their heists, and by a twist of fate, Maria becomes bionic after an accident and begins aiding them in their criminal endeavors.

About the Film

“Bionic” is an entertaining and well-crafted film offering an adrenaline rush perfect for a popcorn-filled movie night. Although it may not rival Hollywood blockbusters, it possesses enough elements to potentially become a surprising hit in the streaming realm. The film presents an intriguing story with engaging characters. Maria is accompanied by her sister, a world champion long jumper, and her brother, who introduces her to the gang. Bruno Gagliasso’s portrayal of Heitor, the gang leader, adds another layer of interest to the narrative.

The film skillfully combines heist elements, science fiction, and thrilling scenes, making “Bionic” a likely crowd-pleaser. The screenplay adeptly manages narrative pacing and keeps viewers engrossed, with characters contributing meaningfully to the plot beyond their roles in action sequences.

A Well-Realized Futuristic Setting

While “Bionic” will not dethrone “Blade Runner” as a sci-fi benchmark, it successfully adopts elements of Ridley Scott’s aesthetic to create its own unique vision. The film presents a well-imagined cityscape that serves as a fitting backdrop for a story intertwined with high-level athletes and, at times, nightclub visuals. The production design effectively brings this futuristic world to life.

The Star: Jessica Córes

Jessica Córes shines as Maria, delivering a performance full of vigor and determination. While she has been part of the industry for years, this role is likely to elevate her international profile and open doors to new opportunities.

Our Opinion

“Bionic” is crafted with the potential for success. It offers an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience without demanding deep contemplation from its audience. We found it to be an entertaining film and believe that many will appreciate its dynamic and thrilling narrative.

Enjoy the film.

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