Blood Vessel, a Nigerian thriller on Netflix that goes beyond the cinematic realm

Blood Vessel
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Blood Vessel is a film directed by Moses Inwang and written by Musa Jeffery David. It stars Dibor Adaobi, David Ezekiel and Levi Chikere.

It is a movie that clearly serves as a vehicle for social advocacy through fiction. In this case, it sheds light on an oil company that has failed to uphold agreements, resulting in the destruction of fishing and the perpetuation of injustices.

This film revolves around injustices and remarkable individuals striving to endure hardships through acts of kindness.
The characters are well-developed and deeply entrenched to serve a purpose: social consciousness.

It is a commendable film that prioritizes its impact on society rather than its cinematic qualities.

From a technical standpoint, it is well-executed, with some captivating sequences, especially nocturnal landscapes. However, this movie does not aim to provide groundbreaking cinematic ideas or excel in the strictly cinematic aspects; it ventures into something different.

It achieves its objective with efficiency and evokes a great deal of sentimentality, with characters meticulously crafted to fulfill their roles within the marked discourse.


A group of six individuals, brought together by chance, seek refuge from a town ravaged by oil pollution. Unbeknownst to them, they embark on a perilous journey aboard a mysterious ship, unaware of the imminent dangers that lie ahead.

Movie Review

When we initially planned this publication, we were clear about one thing: no politics or social advocacy. Nevertheless, there are times when circumstances force us to discuss movies that, beyond their cinematic merits, strive to amplify awareness of unjust situations. Through the medium of fiction, they transcend their own existence and merge with reality.

Sticking to the realm of fiction, for that is where we have entry: “Blood Vessel” is a low-budget film that, beyond its commendable ideas, successfully achieves its objectives. It may not stand out in terms of performances, editing schemes, or sound, but it adeptly narrates a story in a classic manner.

If we disregard the fact that we are dealing with a story that could be real, we would describe it as an ordinary film that, while not exceptional, emphasizes the dramatic passages and portrays a tragedy efficiently.

However, it is evident that it is a production with limited resources, distinct from Hollywood-backed ventures. We can understand why it prioritizes the dramatic aspects of the story rather than the spectacle of its visuals, considering the absence of Christopher Nolan-grade budgets.

Our opinion

It fails to stand out cinematically nor does it aspire to become a part of film history. It ventures into realms beyond cinema, which is commendable, but it may alienate viewers who seek to escape reality and simply be entertained by a work of fiction in a movie that consciously aims to transcend the fiction it presents.

Release date

December 8, 2023

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