Christmas As Usual: a Norwegian movie on Netflix to affirm the multicultural side of Christmas

Christmas As Usual
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Christmas As Usual is a movie written and directed by Petter Holmsen starring Ida Ursin-Holm and Kanan Gill.

“Christmas As Usual” is one of those movies that attempts to blend the oldest Christmas concepts with new ideas of multiculturalism and respect among cultures.

I completely agree: we all need to respect each other.

However, things change when a movie simply isn’t good and serves as a didactic vehicle for an idea. The characters fall into everything they condemn, and the simplistic ideas fail to convince.

Just like the movie, which we didn’t expect much from.


To commemorate their engagement, Thea brings Jashan to her home, resulting in a chaotic Christmas as his Indian heritage clashes with her family’s Norwegian customs.

“Christmas As Usual” Review

Another Christmas movie, this time about traditions and the idea of a girl who is engaged to an Indian boy. This fact is shocking for her very Norwegian and traditional family.

In the first five minutes, we already know what it’s all about: the rest is a more or less clumsy and traditional development of this idea, with jokes that didn’t make us laugh. The characters are more intended to represent the social idea (multiculturalism, which we firmly believe in) than to develop themselves.

As for the setting and scenery, if you like snow, there’s plenty of it. The film is mostly concentrated in a single location (the family house) and there are few scenes outside of it.

Our Opinion

Scene after scene of cultural encounters and clashes that only highlight stereotypes and affirm the opposite of what they intend. A movie that doesn’t work with characters who don’t seem to have any emotion.

Release date

December 6, 2023

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