Code 8 (2019) Movie Review: A Dystopia of Robbers and Superheroes

Code 8
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Code 8” is a movie directed by Jeff Chan, and written by Chris Paré. It stars Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell and Kari Matchett.

This film successfully combines the genres of robbers and superheroes, creating a captivating story with a good dystopian idea. Despite not having a huge budget, it manages to meet all expectations and goals. The combination and dystopian concept make it an interesting watch.

Code 8
Code 8


In a world where superpowers are hunted down, a young boy with abilities gets involved in shady deals to save his mother’s life. She needs a medical intervention.

About the Film

The idea and execution of this movie are impressive, creating an entertaining thriller without relying too much on special effects. It features a good-looking young lead, appealing to the younger audience, and a well-crafted script that avoids catastrophic outcomes while still being a superhero film. And all this is done without a large budget.

The story follows the classic heist formula: a good-hearted boy caught up in criminal activities. The dystopian element is well integrated into the plot without feeling forced. The film targets a younger audience but still respects its characters, creating engaging dialogue and situations based on a coherent script. It aims to entertain while maintaining a balanced approach.

The action scenes are clever and not overly reliant on special effects. This movie knows its strengths and how to build itself, evolve, and entertain without relying on blockbuster budgets. It has to be better in terms of script to succeed, and it does just that.
It successfully entertains, captures attention, and even seduces.

Our Opinion

It surpasses all expectations, delivering a captivating dystopian thriller that leaves a great impression.

Code 8
Code 8

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