‘Crater’ (2023). Movie on Disney+: A Space Adventure in the Purest Disney Style

Crater is a film starring Mckenna Grace, Billy Barratt, Isaiah Russell-Bailey and Orson Hon.

Disney, when it does what it knows how to do, does it to perfection, and these films for young people have managed, by repeating the formula, to master it to the exact level of emotion required, almost becoming a cultural icon. Crater does not limit itself to repeating the formula story wise, but it does it in the tempos, achieving the desired effect: to win over the viewer for good.

Others will say it is sentimental, superfluous and a space adventure to forget.

It’s up to them.

As a production, as always and we never get tired of saying it (and it also serves as filler), it’s magnificent on a technical level.

Crater pelicula disney
Crater (2023)

About the movie

A film about friendship, an initiation story designed for the less rebellious youth and one of those films you wish your children would see. It’s a Disney+’s successes (okay, they’re on true crime now, but you know) and a formula that works. It’s repetitive, in part, and the elements that “work” are drawn here and there, creating the perfect picture at the production level that, without getting any postmodern art critic excited, fulfills its function and does so with the naturalness of he who knows his business.

It doesn’t resort to originality anymore. It is, like the Peter & Wendy of a couple of weeks ago, a film that plays it safe and goes for what it knows is going to work: the quality of the production and, above all, the performance of its young protagonists. If Disney has been able to boast about anything, it is about the talent of its child and youth actors (then, they go wild on their own).

Crater is highly entertaining, full of adventures… specially designed for a young audience. With a sci-fi plot, but at the same time deeply classic.

Let’s not look for Kubrick here or we’ll get lost in black holes.

The cinematography, as always, is close to excellence, as in all its technical aspects.

When you’ve been making the same dish for almost a century, it’s neither necessary nor convenient to modify what already works, even if this time we go to space to look for legendary mines.

The actors give their best, and Crater demands quite a lot from them on a dramatic level and places all the strength and intentionality of the plot on them. Without this gang of great actors, nothing would work.

Crater is yet another example of how to make good cinema, not outstanding, but that good Hollywood cinema that has worked so well as an industry.

Release date

May 12, 2023

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