‘Devotion’ (2022): A Top Gun style story of the Fifties.

Devotion is a film directed by J.D. Dillard starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell.

This is a movie that delivers what it promises, no more and no less, and does just enough (or even a little less) in the story department and ferociously and devotedly hangs onto the technical department of recreation and, above all, the action scenes.


During the Fifties, in the Cold War times, two very different pilots will be forced to fight the enemy and test their friendship in combat.

About the Movie

Devotion (2022)

Devotion is one of those movies about heroes in a war with all against each other, all the clichés we can find in this genre applied to a historic recreation that is technically brilliant, but loses power because of its simple screenplay with barely any depth to it and which bases its strength on the excellent scenes of fighter pilot aircraft in combat.

And, of course between the aircraft fights, the friendship story and aviator glasses and a certain “smartass” touch to it (which today is rather passé)… it is absolutely inevitable to remember Top Gun, another film that put all its efforts in preparing the combat scenes with an excellent music score.

The intentionality of this movie is similar, if we add that Jesse Brown would be the first Afroamerican Marine pilot. As far as the development of the film, there are lots of borrowed scenes, lots of characters from other movies (above all one, as we even have an instructor with an identical attitude).

However, in technical aspects, the movie is pretty good, with excellent settings and, if you are searching for war scenes with that characteristic heroic music, you will enjoy this film, because Devotion has impressive aircraft fighting scenes…

This movie is full of clichés in heroes and music that matches each scene in a melancholic or heroic way just like a piece of candy placed on a desssert.

Spectacular, yes. Pre-fabricated (and almost too much so): too.

A very good work in technical production departments, effects, settings… As an industry, Hollywood is incomparable.

Devotion. Una historia de héroes
Devotion (2022)

Our Opinion

This movie is enjoyable within a logical order of a movie cast in an old mold but, although it does not provide much in the story, it does have some very good battle scenes that redeem it. A good pre-designed product about heroes and friendship on the front lines.

Where to Watch Devotion


  • DEVOTION is available to stream on Paramount+ and is now available to buy on Digital beginning Sunday, Jan 8.
  • When you buy the film on digital, you receive access to never-before-seen bonus digital content, including:
    • The Aviation of a Forgotten War
      • Take a deep dive into the world of 1950s U.S. Naval aviation and experience the epic aerial action brought to life in Devotion. Meet the actors in real planes used during the Korean War in this incredible behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.
    • The Legacy of Jesse Brown
      • Discover the extraordinary life of Jesse Brown, the first African American Naval Aviator, and explore his personal journey during the Korean War. Hear from the cast and crew as they discuss Jesse’s unique and complex story.


J.D. Dillard

J.D. Dillard


'Devotion' (2022): A Top Gun style story of the Fifties.
Jonathan Majors / Jesse Brown
'Devotion' (2022): A Top Gun style story of the Fifties.
Glen Powell / Thomas J. Hudner Jr.
'Devotion' (2022): A Top Gun style story of the Fifties.
Christina Jackson / Daisy Brown
'Devotion' (2022): A Top Gun style story of the Fifties.
Thomas Sadoski / Dick Cevoli

Joe Jonas
Joseph Cross
Daren Kagasoff
Serinda Swan
Nick Hargrove
Boone Platt

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