Erkan Kolçak Köstendil

Erkan Kolcak Köstendil is a multi-talented individual from Turkey. He is known for his work as an actor, writer, director, and singer. His family background includes his uncle, actor Bülent Sakrak. Köstendil was born and raised in Bursa, a major city in northwestern Anatolia. Initially, he aspired to become a goalkeeper, but his life took a different turn when he encountered two experienced actors who left a lasting impression on him. Inspired by them, he decided to pursue a degree in theater at the prestigious Mimar Sinan University of the Fine Arts.

Köstendil’s passion for the performing arts extended beyond acting. He ventured into writing, directing, and acting in plays and short films. One of his notable works is the play ‘Karsi Cinsle Tanisma Sanati’, where he showcased his talents as a writer and actor. Another play called ‘Aut’ earned him the title of ‘Actor of the Year’ and a ‘Young Actor Special’ award. Additionally, Köstendil made his mark by writing and directing the first Turkish Facebook Series, ‘Mukadderat’. His short film, ‘Vakit’, received critical acclaim and numerous awards, further establishing his presence in the industry.
Transitioning into television, Köstendil appeared in various popular shows, impressing audiences with his unique character portrayals. His television career began with his debut on ‘Kurtlar Vadisi’ in 2005. However, his breakthrough came in 2009 with the production ‘Sakarya Firat’, where he authentically portrayed the role of a low-ranking soldier. Over the years, he continued to showcase his talent through appearances in movies and television shows.

In 2014, Köstendil gained immense fame and recognition throughout Turkey for his portrayal of ‘Karlos Nevizade’ in the hit TV show ‘Ulan Istanbul’. This character became a sensation among Turkish viewers. In one of the show’s episodes, Köstendil and his co-star Sebnem Bozoklu performed a song he had written called ‘Yanarim Yanarim’, which garnered millions of views on YouTube. Following this success, he continued to work on several noteworthy projects, including the internationally aired historical drama ‘Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem’, where he skillfully portrayed ‘Shahin Khan Girai’, the last Khan of Crimea. His most recent appearance was on the TV show ‘Familya’.

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