Bliss (2021)

Bliss (2021)
Martin Cid

Bliss is a sci-fi drama comedy directed by Mike Cahill (I Orinins). Starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek.


A recently-divorced guy falls for an enchanting woman’s theory that they live in a harsh, alternative world simulation inside of a beautiful, blissful reality. (Filmaffinitty)

Bliss (2021)
Bliss (2021)

Movie Reviews

“A promising premise gets a dull, lead-footed treatment (…) [Cahill] loses himself in the minutia, fumbling one promising idea after another until we’re left with little more than a listless ‘Matrix’ retread” Andrew Barker: Variety

“Despite Owen Wilson’s strong performance, Bliss can only simulate a compelling sci-fi drama” Jesse Hassenger: AV Club

“[Cahill] flounders with creating a sensory experience to match the story’s cerebral ideas” Teo Bugbee: The New York Times

Bliss (2021)
Bliss (2021)

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