From the Ashes (2024) Movie on Netflix: a decent thriller that fails to make a strong impact

From the Ashes - Netflix
Alice Lange

From the Ashes is a movie directed by Khalid Fahad starring Shaima Al Tayeb, Khairia Abu Laban, and Adwa Fahad.

“From the Ashes” is an intriguing film set in an all-girls’ school, offering a unique viewing experience.

The movie revolves around characters and the investigation of events that, based on a true story, led to a disaster in an all-girls’ school.

While not making history in terms of technical or cinematic achievements, this film provides a particular glimpse into the life of an all-girls’ school in Saudi Arabia.


In an all-girls’ school, a seemingly inexplicable fire breaks out. Teachers, administrators, and students try to uncover what happened to the brightest and most outstanding student.

About the Film

This film is not outstanding in its execution, but it stands out for showcasing the life of an all-girls’ school in Saudi Arabia. The story is not purely driven by suspense, although it does have elements of it, but focuses more on analyzing the personal circumstances of the characters than the incident itself.

Each character has their own uniqueness, and the story is well-narrated, gradually immersing the audience. The narrative pacing varies, with the dramatic event occurring almost halfway through the film, leaving us with the second half to uncover the truth.

What matters most are the relationships between the characters, their prior and subsequent encounters, and the lives and intrigues that in some way contributed to this incident.

Our Opinion

An intriguing film that won’t be remembered for its visuals. It is appreciable for its character development and pacing, oscillating between a thriller and character analysis.

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