Hard Days (2023) | An exciting Japanese thriller with one catch: it’s a remake

Hard Days
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Hard Days is a thriller directed by Michihito Fujii starring Junichi Okada, Go Ayano, and Ryoko Hirosue. It’s a remake of the 2014 movie “A Hard Day“.

“Hard Days” is a thriller that has it all: a gripping start, enough plot twists to keep you intrigued, and a satisfying ending.

Moreover, it is well-executed and director Michihito Fujii flawlessly manages the pacing.

However, being a remake of the Korean film, it naturally loses some merit.

Nonetheless, it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy a captivating story that will keep you glued to your seat until the end.


In the wake of attempting to conceal an accident, the life of a corrupt police officer takes a turbulent turn as he becomes the target of ominous threats from an unidentified witness.

Movie Review

“Hard Days” has a strong advantage: it has a compelling story that surprises and skillfully plays with narrative twists. The screenplay follows two perspectives, those of the two main detectives, and at no point does the storytelling feel forced or aim for overly obvious effects. The director manages to make the thrilling, gruesome intrigue appear natural and the events portrayed almost plausible.

The director successfully brings realism to a thriller with an implausible yet captivating intrigue (like any good thriller) that never fails to surprise or captivate.

Both lead actors deliver impressive performances, effectively portraying opposing characters in two very distinct ways, both top-notch.

The setting is well-crafted, relying on darkness and a compelling soundtrack.

The editing is unpretentious, without brutal sequences or flashy cuts: the director allows the story to surprise through its content rather than the way it is told, and it is ingeniously effective.

“Hard Days” is a thriller that excels in every aspect except for its one major drawback: it is a remake.

Release date

November 30, 2023

Where to Watch “Hard Days”


Hard Days

Hard Days
Hard Days

Original title: 最後まで行く
Year: 2023
Duration: 118 min.
Country: Japan
Director: Michihito Fujii
Screenwriters: Michihito Fujii, Kenya Hirata, Kim Seong-hoon
Music: Takashi Ohmama
Cinematography: Keisuke Imamura
Companies: Nikkatsu, Robot Communications Inc., Toho, WoWow, Toho
Genre: Thriller. Drama. Action

The Cast

Junichi Okada
Junichi Okada
Ryoko Hirosue
Ryoko Hirosue
Go Ayano
Go Ayano
Hayato Isomura
Hayato Isomura

Tetta Sugimoto
Taro Suruga
Akira Emoto
Mario Kuroba
Ryusuke Komakine

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