Irish Wish (2024) Netflix Movie Review: Lindsay Lohan’s Classic Comeback

Irish Wish is a Netflix romantic comedy movie starring Lindsay Lohan. With Ed Speleers and Alexander Vlahos.

You know those films where a girl wants to get married, the jokes lack punch and the imagery and characters seem like they were plucked from a greeting card? “Irish Wish” is one of those, although it carries a certain degree of irony and the appeal of seeing our favorite redhead, Lindsay Lohan, back in action.

This is one of those films that, thanks to God or some black hole, you are not likely to remember.

Irish Wish
Irish Wish

The Plot

Maddie is the editor of a cocky Irish novelist who she’s in love with, but he’s set to marry her friend. When Maddie arrives at the wedding, an Irish fairy grants her a wish, and she wishes to marry the novelist, which changes the story. However, there is also a handsome, friendly, good-hearted Irish lad who, to everyone’s surprise, manages to awaken the dreaming heart of our sweet Maddie.

About the Movie

We’re unsure which image to stick with, whether it’s the Lindsay Lohan we see in the news leaving rehab or her role in this film as a dreamer, in a movie that fits right into the Netflix catalogue, even if it feels slightly outdated.

Don’t be fooled: this film is not bound for the Oscars or any similar recognition. It’s one of those romantic comedies that seems to write itself and may even come off as ridiculous to some, but it stars Lindsay Lohan and that alone brings a certain irony to the film.

“Irish Wish” can be viewed as a stupid romantic comedy (very stupid, we warn), or an ironic commentary on the genre itself that, without being entirely intelligent, has the appeal of featuring a star and making a mockery of romantic comedies.

In any case, it’s a light-hearted production that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, because ultimately everyone’s here for fun and the writers don’t seem to have aimed for the neo-realism we were all expecting in Lindsay’s career (yes, that’s irony).

Our Opinion

Yet another romantic comedy that you could take at face value or try to perceive the irony beneath its intended lightness and silliness. Your choice.

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