‘Life of Pi’ (2012), Ang Lee – Movie Commentary

La Vida de Pi es un relato sobre un naufragio en el que el protagonista se descubrirá a sí mismo a través del misticismo y la naturaleza.

Life of Pi is a film directed by Ang Lee and starring Suraj Sharma.

Life of Pi is my favorite movie so don´t expect anything except wild acclaim for it.

Story line

After a shipwreck a boy is forced to live with a Bengal tiger in a lifeboat with no other options but to get along with each other.

The Movie

Life of Pi… what a marvelous movie! I have seen it several times and yesterday I couldn´t resist the temptation of watching it again and it is still as great as ever. Visually it is prodigious and what it tells… original, interesting, mystical and profound. It has everything to merit my five stars. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

Let us start with the story. We get to know Pi (with a sense of humor) and his family, who own a zoo. Unfortunately, the situation in India becomes troublesome and they need to leave. They load the animals and in a stormy night in the Marianna Trench, the ship sinks and Pi and some of the animals are the only survivors. In this ark a trip of inner discovery starts that will take us to the soul of Pi, a strangely religious guy who will find the truth in the eyes of a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker.

La Vida de Pi (2012)
Life of Pi (2012)

From the first moments of the film we guess the technical marverl we are about to see: sublime special effects that fit in perfectly with the story, exceptional photography and a director with an exquisite sensitivity… and Richard Parker. The tiger becomes at times the central axis of the story (we don´t discover his total meaning until the end) and the frames reserved for this marvelous animal are prodigious (does it show too much that I like this movie?).

Life of Pi is not a movie for adults and children nor is it a family film, but if you like discovering a new and different type of cinema, you will be enchanted with this movie. I have recommended it to lots of people, and there are people who “don´t get it” (this is hard to believe for me).

Recommended. A visual marvel. And, Richard Parker is sublime.


Ang Lee

Ang Lee


'Life of Pi' (2012), Ang Lee - Movie Commentary
Suraj Sharma / Pi Patel
'Life of Pi' (2012), Ang Lee - Movie Commentary
Irrfan Khan / Adult Pi Patel

Ayush Tandon
Gautam Belur
Adil Hussain
Ayaan Khan
Mohd Abbas Khaleeli
Vibish Sivakumar
Rafe Spall

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