Lift (2024): Another comedy and thieves movie on Netflix

Lift - Netflix
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Lift is a film directed by F. Gary Gray starring Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio andÚrsula Corberó among others.

A movie whose premise and intentions will sound familiar from many other successful movies, all following a formula that undeniably works well: thieves and comedy, once again combined in a Hollywood action film, which is what Hollywood does best: action cinema.

It’s a movie tailored and crafted for its star, Kevin Hart, featuring a superb villain, a seasoned veteran in Hollywood action films, Jean Reno.


Cyrus Whitaker, the leader of a talented group of art thieves, receives an intriguing assignment: to steal a legal transaction of 500 million dollars’ worth of gold that the police cannot stop.

The plan: steal it while in mid-air.

Lift - Netflix
Lift – Netflix

About the movie

This movie is designed to be a guaranteed success, based on the foundations of a thousand other movies with exactly this premise and the same philosophical demands for the audience: sit back and enjoy, the film won’t change your life, but it will entertain you.

Lift - Netflix
Lift – Netflix

The movie is a treat for the industry, the production company, and the marketing department: a lot of money was invested in a film that has been in development since 2021, with Kevin Hart himself as the producer. “Lift ” is one of those movies that involves hundreds of people in the technical team and paperwork, shot in various cities, and of course, it hopes to recoup its costs.

With such an industrial machinery in motion, driven by millions, it’s not surprising that safety comes first. The movie doesn’t want to risk all of this effort and plays it safe. The filmmaking world is not in a position to invest so much and take unnecessary artistic risks that, we admit, are not relevant in this case.

“Lift ” is perfect in its style and, without taking any risks, it delivers exactly what the audience wants, with the right pace and the correct application of the “thieves and comedy” formula that we already know. Do we miss a movie that resembles others less? Certainly, but we also understand that in this economic situation, “Lift ” is a fun, safe, and efficient bet. In a market where one wrong move could jeopardize many jobs, millions, and efforts.

It is not to defend the major producers, nor is it to defend the action movies without a coherent script. However, “Lift ” does what it needs to do to cater to what it knows will appeal: action and comedy for a wide audience.

Technically speaking, it is the Hollywood that we remember and enjoy. Action, plenty of action, and significant plot twists, with flashy editing, abundant sound effects, and fast-paced sequences that take us on that exhilarating cinematic roller coaster ride we love. There is nothing wrong with that, and the technical aspects are executed by the industry’s finest.

Artistically, there is little to none. It neither innovates nor strives to do so. The whole team knows what they came for (to deliver a blockbuster), and the movie is not here to break new ground.

Our Opinion

A film that will give you exactly what you expect: a repetition of a formula that, while entertaining and almost perfect, cannot help but succeed, once again.

The formula may become tiresome for some critics, but perfect for a Friday night on Netflix.

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About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart
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