‘Lost Bullet 2: Back for More’ – Netflix Movie – Review

Lost Bullet 2: Back for More (2022)
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Lost Bullet 2: Back for More is an action movie directed by Guillaume Pierret, starring Alban Lenoir, who also wrote the screenplay, and Stéfi Celma.

Fights, shooting and car chases.


Having cleared his name, genius mechanic Lino has only one goal in mind: getting revenge on the corrupt cops who killed his brother and his mentor.

Movie Review

Lost Bullet 2
Lost Bullet 2 (2022)

It carries the same style of the first movie, though it is darker, from the very start, and strives to become a thriller in its purest form – not making allowances for deep characterizations nor providing a thorough background to the story. This is a story of goodies and baddies, of police vs. mafiosos, it does not delve much into the grey areas.

It does stand out though, very slightly, from American movies, as it did in the prequel, but we fail to see that “special something” that would give us a unique viewing experience.

There are many car chases, there is a vendetta, there many guns going off, and it has an irregular pace, basing it on a predecessor that although not brilliant, it was a decent in as far as a cinematic piece is concerned. It does not aspire to much other than to repeat the lauding of the foot-soldiers rather than the heroes.

Very inspired in the American “car chase” cinema, it is impossible not to think of Fast & Furious and others of the sort – those films with rough and tough characters, and fast cars. ‘Lost Bullet 2’ does not aim to be like that, as the story is more sordid, more intimate, albeit constantly deflecting every time it is about to become more contemplative returning to the good old tough, pure and simple action-thriller form.

Our Opinion

An entertaining movie that knows how to give the audience, especially, the action-thriller aficionados amongst them, an adrenaline rush.

Release Date

November 10, 2022

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Alban Lenoir / Lino

Stéfi Celma / Julia

Pascale Arbillot / Moss

Sébastien Lalanne / Marco
Diego Martín

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