Love, Divided (2024) – A Delightful Rom-Com on Netflix Just in Time for Spring

If you're a classic at heart, one to enjoy the familiar, particularly if that familiarity comes in the shape of evergreen romantic comedies, then you're in for a treat! “Love, Divided” is one such traditional rom-com that's bound to tug at your heartstrings.

Love, Divided
Martin Cid

Love, Divided is a Spanish romantic comedy directed by Patricia Font starring Aitana and Fernando Guallar.

Aitana, a rising star in Spain, blessed with enviable beauty and talent, and her equally talented and handsome co-star, Fernando Guallar, are the faces of this new romantic comedy on Netflix. Though it may not be groundbreaking, it’s sure to provide a heartwarming watch.


They’re neighbors, a bit quirky, co-existing without truly living together. They share sounds through a non-soundproof wall, providing an auditory glimpse into each other’s lives. He’s an inventor; she’s a pianist. Can you imagine something sparking in their hearts, something called love? Of course, you’ve heard this story before!

Movie Review

Critically speaking, one might define this as a piece of cinema with scant originality, simple humor, and a script that seems to write itself. A humorless comedy we’ve seen a thousand times, filled with tired jokes and an outdated plot. In search of something remarkable? This may not be it.

But why do we have this bias against romantic comedies? Understand, we have to review hundreds of films, of which around 40% are romantic comedies with nearly identical plots. From a critic’s perspective, it’s a burden to invent something fresh for a movie you’ve seen variations of several times in a week.

From a viewer’s perspective: the characters are so endearing that it’s hard not to grow fond of them throughout this captivating film, prompting you to step outside and fall in love again because, simply put, it’s springtime.

So, both perspectives have their validity: the characters are indeed delightful, designed effectively to appeal to all with their utmost simplicity. A typical sense of humor, used up, but also a type of humor that makes us feel comfortable and at ease in a lovable, easy-going film.

“Love, Divided” isn’t here to revolutionize the romantic comedy genre or overhaul cinematic narrative. It’s here simply to offer a cozy watch, in sync with a classic storyline that we’ve seen a thousand times and know how it starts, proceeds, and ends.

We also knew that spring is around the corner.

And it continues to charm us.

So, imagine cherries blossoming in Korea and across Spain, Korea, Japan, and France, a couple is falling in love, this time through a wall. Now, isn’t that lovely?

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