“Love Is in the Air” (2023) | Rom-Com on Netflix. Review: The usual movie

Love Is in the Air
Alice Lange

Love Is in the Air is an Australian romantic comedy film directed by Adrian Powers and starring Delta Goodrem as a seaplane pilot who falls in love with the man sent to ruin her business.

“Love Is in the Air” is a romantic comedy that brings us the delightful taste of Australia and those Hallmark-style romantic comedies that have shaped the romantic temperament of parents, children, and nieces for generations with their charming and heartwarming stories that are all too similar.

Will artificial intelligence truly be able to change the plots of these movies even a little? It’s a difficult question to answer. For now, after watching “Love Is in the Air,” we can only conclude that they are all practically the same.

Yet, it is precisely this similarity that captivates thousands of viewers who continue to enjoy them.


She is a stunning Australian woman who is solely focused on her work. He is a shy London executive who is tasked with closing down the Australian company.

Whether it’s by chance or not, we can’t say, but we assure you that a romance is on the horizon.

About the Movie

Romantic comedies have their charm, especially when they try to break free from the constraints of the genre. We assume that “Love Is in the Air” will have its charm for both men and women (because she is stunning and he casually takes off his shirt), but it is not the movie that has come to revolutionize romantic comedy conventions as we have understood them since ancient times. It is just another more or less exotic repetition of the same film.

In terms of its photography, script, and performances, it is a made-for-TV movie that cannot and should not escape its confinement. From its inception, like the protagonist, it had been conceived for one purpose (like in The Matrix): to fuel the souls of the most romantic individuals on the planet who inevitably need these movies to nourish themselves.

“Love Is in the Air” is not bad at all; it is a very easy, silly, light-hearted comedy that you can watch while doing other things. You won’t miss anything, and what you have missed can be easily imagined.

When it ends, you come to one conclusion: Australians are charming, and the landscape is beautiful.

It would serve as a great tourist attraction, although if you are one of the more adventurous viewers craving intense emotions, you might feel inclined to watch a very bloody movie because this one undoubtedly leaves us with a feeling of “not much”.

Release Date

September 28, 2023

Where to Watch Love is in the Air


Movie Trailer


Adrian Powers
Adrian Powers

The Cast

Delta Goodrem
Delta Goodrem
Joshua Sasse
Joshua Sasse

Roy Billing
Steph Tisdell
Simon McLachlan
Daniela Pizzirani
Mia Grunwald
Hugh Parker
Dante Surace

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