Luckiest Girl Alive – Movie on Netflix – Review: Mila Kunis Saves the Day in Conformist Thriller

Luckiest Girl in the World is a Netflix thriller starring Mila Kunis. It is directed by Mike Barker. The story is based on the novel written by Jessica Knoll.

An interesting thriller with a good premise and structure, however, it does not convince.


Ani Fanelli, her alias, is successfully climbing the New York ladder both professionally and socially, but her past will get in the way of her smooth sailing through the high-life on the Upper East Side.

Movie Review

The Luckiest Girl Alive has as its foremost asset a character that we deem interesting from the start. Mila Kunis manages to characterize this complex woman with serenity and authenticity. With that alone 70% of the movie is made.

A movie that has great appeal as far as its structure goes, with the flashbacks scenes, a very interesting take on the class war set in the 5th Avenue; a good treatise on the snobbery; the Rockefeller descendants; good photography and performances of the cast in the supporting roles. It is all there, ready to be granted a 7 out of 10, in spite of it falling prey to a certain conformism that weakens its impact. Allow me to explain my take: there is a strong protagonist, that addresses the viewers in first person from the start of a movie evoking a certain deceit in its narrative (this is said in praise)…. However, it fails to deceive, and does not ”play” us, the viewers, as much as we would have hoped.

It is presented as a story about a woman who wants to get away with skirting around the unwritten rules and norms, in a film that also gives the impression that it too aspires to break some norms, and that ultimately breaks none at all, thereby bringing us an entertaining thriller, indeed, but that has more intention than it has punch and resolution.

Technically, it is has everything required. The production team behind has the know-how, the best technical staff and they have the formula to make a thriller that people will want to watch.

Does ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ work? Most definitely, but it does not fully convince us as a memorable piece.

Our Opinion

It shows up, it entertains and leaves without a trace. It is a movie in which the protagonist has substance and seems to be full of promise as the core element in a good story, but does, nonetheless, not make full use of the potential the character contains, nor of a premise that, unfortunately, unfolds falling prey to conformism.

The Star Is… Mila Kunis

Release Date

October 7, 2022.

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Mila Kunis / Ani FaNelli

Finn Wittrock / Luke Harrison

Scoot McNairy / Andrew Larson

Chiara Aurelia / Young Ani

Thomas Barbusca / Arthur Finnerman

Justine Lupe / Nell Rutherford

Dalmar Abuzeid / Aaron Wickersham

Carson MacCormac / Young Dean

Alex Barone / Dean Barton

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