maboroshi: A beautiful, enchanting and magical animated film on Netflix

maboroshi is a Japanese movie written and directed by Mari Okada.

“maboroshi” is an incredibly interesting Japanese animated film that takes us to a fascinating intersection between the world of gods and industrialization. The mountain gods make their presence felt through a steel factory.

Amidst all this, there is a girl who barely speaks, seemingly the origin of everything.

maboroshi - Netflix
maboroshi – Netflix

About “maboroshi”:

It is an incredibly interesting story, with a slow and calm pace, featuring well-developed characters. It’s a delightful watch for fans of Japanese animation.

“maboroshi” is a sad and beautiful film that chooses a serene and unhurried narrative over a frenzy of effects. It is filled with fantasy, magic, and hope.

“maboroshi” stands as one of those special films that, between adolescence and the adult world, gives us a glimpse of a world of magic, gods, and reality. It opts to offer us a magical view of reality, presenting a tale full of reflective fantasy and arcane Shinto religion.

It is very interesting in terms of flashbacks, with some captivating sequences in this regard. The intermittent voice-over clarifies the narrative, which prefers to remain in the realm of fantasy and romance at all times.

Our opinion:

“maboroshi” does not aim to make a strong impact and chooses to stay within the realm of unreality, of magical fiction, in a very unique, reflective, and beautiful work that, unlike science fiction, actually goes back in time, revisiting a bygone and yet real world.

We have enjoyed it.

Where to Watch “maboroshi”


maboroshi - Netflix
maboroshi – Netflix
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