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Mickey Rourke is an American actor known for the films 9 1/2 Weeks (1986), Angel Heart (1987) and The Wrestler (2008).

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Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke at the Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 1996 Champagne New Image Launch Party. Private Residence, Beverly Hills, CA. 06-02-06. Depostiphotos

Philip Andre Michael Rourke Jr. was born on September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York, United States.

Mickey Rourke is an American actor, screenwriter and former boxer who began his career in the 80’s with Diner (1982) and Rumble Fish (1983). Adrian Lyne chose him, along with Kim Basinger to star in 9 1/2 Weeks, the movie that made him famous. Then came Angel Heart, with Robert De Niro. And an excellent movie The Barfly.He played the role as Charles Bukowski.

With The Wrestler, he earned an Oscar nomination.

Mickey Rourke Quotes

I come from a violent background. So I became hard. I realised that I had made myself that way to deal with a feeling of abandonment and shame.

Mickey Rourke

Very few men can fall as far as I have and come back. People see me and it’s like they’ve seen a ghost, like I’m back from the dead.

Mickey Rourke

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