Murder Mubarak (2024) Movie on Netflix. Review: Hercule Poirot in India

Murder Mubarak
Alice Lange

Murder Mubarak is a movie directed by Homi Adajania and written by Gazal Dhaliwal, based on the novel by Anuja Chauhan.

A plot we have seen a thousand times and we all know which British novelist came up with the idea, yet it continues to entertain and amuse, this time in India, at a club for the high class, with a delightful detective who, like Poirot, has charisma and charm.

Even though it lacks sophistication, it’s also part of its appeal.

A good and entertaining film from India that is rhythmic and has a great production that knows to keep a fresh and relaxed spirit at all times.

About the Movie

There is nothing to object to this good Indian film that entertains, amuses, and has a great technical production. It has witty dialogues and a strong sense of irony, and some of the jokes about the “class struggle” are genuinely funny (without ever getting political).

The protagonist (who isn’t attractive), a Pankaj Tripathy, manages to make us laugh without a fuss.

However, “Murder Mubarak” is a collaborative film with many characters who shine equally in a delightful plot full of irony where a formula which both works and entertains nicely is applied.

A comedy that manages to strike a balance between elegant comedy with a touch of madness and stays true to its style, based on a good script full of fun dialogues that, while not original or surprising, is indeed entertaining.

Our Opinion

Full of color, great cinematography, and an elegant visual style, although it is essentially a detective criminal thriller with comedic tones. Without high ambitions.

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