“Noise” Netflix Movie. Review: An Unadventurous Psychological Thriller

Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Noise is a thriller directed by Steffen Geypens starring Sallie Harmsen and Ward Kerremans.

A psychological suspense thriller very much in the style of Henry James… except for the more than obvious discrepancies, and it’s modernised. Good photography, good performances in a script that does not want – at any time – to escape from the genre’s tempting clutches.

About the Film

A film with very good photography and with very well-directed and curated scenes for a script that, however, does not want to step outside the established patterns of these psychological horror and “house in the suburbs” and family secrets films.

The best of the movie: the actress, Sallie Harmsen – who looks (more than suspiciously) like Naomi Watts making one of those movies that the phenomenal Australian actress delights in doing. Sallie Harmsen provides the character of an anguished mother perfectly, portraying her character with ease and knowing how to give her ” special touch” in the scenes. It is not a superb performance, of course, because the film doesn’t aim for those heights.

As for the plot: simplistic, one of those almost TV movies which borrow so many ideas that quite simply, they live in the comfort of the ones that already work, and that, letting them flow by themselves, end up without going anywhere further than being comfortable and simple entertainment.

And that’s not such a bad thing, either: are you looking for a neat genre film that doesn’t mess with anyone’s mind? Although the film promises to confront the deepest and most perverse terrain of the psyche, it loses steam on the way there, and goes no further than offering us a little more “of the same” in a technically neat thriller and, yes, which is perfect for an entertaining spring Friday.

Our Opinion

A film that just does the genre, it does it well, but we miss novelties and daring.

Release Date

March 17, 2023

Where to Watch Noise


The Cast

Ward Kerremans / Matt

Sallie Harmsen / Liv

Jennifer Heylen
Johan Leysen
Jesse Mensah
Lize Feryn
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  • The ending is terrible, doesn’t make any sense, is incomplete by leaving too many questions unanswered, and make you feel having wasted two hours.

  • Movie sucks. A complete waste of time, I wish I could get back. Hope others takes this as a warning. Never makes sense and the end is senseless leaving you feeling they left the ending off and never explained what the damned movie was about. Hope others take heed and avoid but if they don’t, I will guarantee they will be disgusted & sorry! So stupid!!!

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